Option #1: Marketing Plan for a New Product or Service – Spree Watch

Executive Summary

Spree Watches is a business proposal for newly designed and developed watch devices from the general metallic hand-watch. The watch is associated with the present generation and fashion in the marketplace. The proposed marketing plan demonstrates the company’s marketing segment and operational strategies. According to Goethals et al. (2020), a marketing plan presents a strategy to get clients and increase income flow. It is necessary to note that Spree Watch Company is focused on watch production and interested in fashion designs and trends in the market. The creation of watches based on the current fashion gives the company an upper hand over its competitors. Nonetheless, the proposed project will give a new outlook of the hand-watch fulfilling the consumers’ desire to wear the device.

Spree Watch Company is expected to fund the development of the newly founded business idea for the proposed product. There are needed consulting services on how to run the project; targeted clients will use the hotline provided to make calls and send messages to raise their concerns.

Company Overview

About the name, Spree Watch was established out of the love, dedication, and passion of the owner of watches based on the current fashion and increased demand in the market. The proposed company’s objectives and goals are to offer quality and affordable products to the people who love wearing hand-watch in the United States. The company’s initial investment is $50,000 targeting annual returns of $60,000. The projected business will continuously incorporate innovation and reach new customer demands in broader areas. Other than operating locally, Spree Watches has plans to open new branches internationally. Presently, the organization will focus on developing new outlets within the U.S. as the platforms where consumers can reach out to buy quality watches. According to Goethals et al. (2020), a marketing plan is essential in bringing clients on board for any business thriving for success.

Spree Watch Company is expected to fund the development of the newly founded business idea for the proposed product. There are needed consulting services on how to run the project; targeted clients will use the hotline provided to make calls and send messages to raise their concerns.

SWOT Analysis


Strategic location is provided as one of the company’s strengths. Spree Watches is situated in a quick access area. The firm will use billboards to showcase directions towards its premises. Besides, Spree Watches has identified and hired workers with a positive attitude towards its production. Retaining workers is the other strength the company is proud of; it is essential when looking at consistency and production experience (Devaney et al., 2015).


Recruitment and training is the main challenge projected for the company. Devaney et al. (2015) affirm that it is costly to run training programs for newly hired employees. The problem pulls back Spree Watches Company; it should be noted that the organization is still in the developing stage, and increased pressure on its performance can result in failure if not well managed.

The Company’s employees are the best investment plan of all time. The organization enjoys the already existing market awareness of general watches that will make it easier to persuade consumers on newly founded product service “Spree Watches.”

Spree Watches constantly recruit workers to fill its newly founded outlets across the United States and the international branches.

There is significantly no barrier in starting and operating Spree Watches in the U.S. The little barrier to enter allows for instant development of the business to explore the market. Availability of advanced technology is paramount for starting a new product-service; it enhances performance making it easier to manufacture (Mei et al., 2020).


Government interference is the main threat to the business. The U.S. is mandated for protecting employees, sanitation, and workers’ safety. There is no doubt that the company will have to spend more funds to ensure all the government requirements are fulfilled before commencing its functions.

If Spree Watches fails to operate as the owner projected, it will likely lose more capital set aside to start the business. Government interference can result in increased operational costs not planned for, leading to struggles to survive in the harsh market environment.

Segmentation and Targeting Analysis

Marketing Plan Objectives

However, Spree Watches Company will not place clients at the center of its strategies and objectives to realize profitability and productivity. The firm will put together marketing and better business plans to attain maximum profits annually.


Definition: it is the process incorporated in the organizational development to divide the targeted market into categorized and smaller units for easier management (Marc, 2020). Taneja (2020) asserts that market segmentation divides audiences and customers into small groups with similar characteristics, including their interests, location, demographics, and needs.

Spree Watches Company will integrate differential strategies to compete with its competitors, such as conventional enterprises that offer quality watches. Through effective and adequate segmentation, Spree Watches will offer its customers satisfactory services both in the United States and the international market. The market segment has enabled the company to retain and attar customers (Taneja, 2020). These will help the organization achieve increased productivity and profitability in the watch sector.

Marketing Segmentation

Marketing segmentations adopted by Spree Watches Company are:

Marketing Strategy

Target Market

The product consumers are the most significant people for any thriving business. Spree Watches targets specific and unique clients, especially women and professionals in the marketplace. The most important thing is that the Americans getting Spree Watches are satisfied with both employees’ relations and services offered. The company has managed to identify the potential and primary target group in the market. The information is significant in organizational development and strategic planning for products manufactured.

Spree Watches Company marketing plan focuses on the consumers with a great preference for specific and extra features within the newly founded devices. Nonetheless, the company uses both postpaid and pre-pay services to provide a smooth operation in trade. The company aspires for a wider market within the next two years in operations by creating awareness via social media platforms and its website.

Position Mapping

Spree Watches position mapping.


H stands for high

L stands for low

Marketing Mix Using the 4Ps

Price (compared with competition)

The projected price survey revealed that the average selling price for fashionable Spree Watches could cost $50. The discount price for the first time and repeated customers were 25 percent and 20 percent respectively. There is likely to be experienced little inflation in the prices of Spree Watches in the next five years in operation due to increased competition and product supply putting pressure on the market price for watches.

Product (features and benefits versus the competition)

The Spree Watches Company ensures that consumers are subjected to high-quality product services at an affordable price. The approach is aimed at retaining customers. The company will offer service and benefits delivery; the method integrated to keep esteem customers. Spree Watches are smart products incorporated with the following features: a sensor, a battery that lasts up to twelve hours, pedometer analysis, sleep monitoring, accelerometer, remote phone camera, and anti-lost tracker.

Spree Watches competitors’ watch devices are installed with the following features: metallic frame, glass ceiling, water-resistant, and beautiful finish.

Price Strategy

Spree Watches company incorporate two pricing strategies:

Spree Watches integrates price elasticity in pricing strategy to test whether the service or products are sensitive to change prices before initiating new pricing strategies.

Promotional Strategy

Spree Watches marketing plan has established four regional managers, 15 district managers, a national accounts manager, and over 160 sales representatives. The sales representative teams are dressed in the products’ brand holding public shows across the country. The national accounts managers promote the company’s product across the top-level leadership in different organizations; they interact within daily activities (Massa and Schumacher, 2020). The Spree Watches Company incorporates four promotional strategies: direct marketing, advertising, public relations, and personal selling.

The promotional strategy allows the business organization to channel its limited resources to better paths to maximize sales and attain sustainability. Spree Watches Company builds on promotional strategies to create a competitive advantage in the industry.

Place Strategy

Strategic location and distribution delivery point are important for any business to grow. Place strategy is commonly referred to as a distribution strategy being one of the essential components of the 4Ps. It helps identify where the company will construct its warehouse, retail stores, online and physical, and other means the firm can reach out to its consumers.

Spree Watches will incorporate a distribution method composed of producers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. The main distribution channels in the marketplace appear like that in the diagram above.

Branding Strategy

Brand strategy is often a long-term plan for any organization’s development goals (Massa and Schumacher, 2020). Spree Watches Company is certain that the business will acquire its brand accepted and selling across the United States within a period of two years. The company targets to sell its brand on the international market in the period of three years after the commencement of its performance.

The following strategies are incorporated to help sell out the Spree Watches brand to the public:

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

For years, business entities have believed that their purpose for existence was financial gain and maximizing stakeholders’ value (Marc, 2020). In the present world, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is among the most incorporated idea when starting a business. Spree Watches has focused on social and environmental responsibilities, taking into account its impact on the surrounding, including communities, stakeholders, employees, and customers.

Among the reasons for integrating CSR at Spree Watches are:

Moral obligation: the external parties, including communities, are only satisfied with the company’s performance only when a balance is met between business and social response practices.

Sustainability: it entails meet the present consumer needs without interfering with the livelihood of the future generation. It is important to invest in environmental sustainability programs to find financially, socially, and environmentally friendly (Massa and Schumacher, 2020).

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Spree Watches incorporate business ethics, which all individuals ought to follow when performing their duties. The adopted ethics are founded on the notions of wrong, right, or considered fair performance. Among the parties guided by Spree’s ethical consideration, Watches are employees, stakeholders, customers, and suppliers in business operations. The company promotes codes of conduct based on trust and integrity while accommodating empathetic decision-making, diversity, and government compliance requirements.

Spree Watches is keen to identify and prevent:

Financial Projection

The following presents the financial projections for two years in operations, the targeted period to have hit the break-even (BE).

BE= Fixed costs ÷ {(Unit sales price) – (Unit variable cost)}

The monthly overhead for Spree Watch is $60,000. Unit sales price (USP) is $350, and Unit variable cost is (UVC) is 230

Spree Watches Company’s Projected Financial Performance for a period of Two Years. 
Summary of Cash flow and balances 
Sales made$160,000$240,000 
Company payments$18,000$32,000 
Debit Service$15,000$15,000 
Net Operating Cash Flow$250,000$300,000 
Starting Cash Balance$320,000$650,000 
Net Cash Flow$250,000$300,000 
Capital AdditionsTBDTBD 
Loan IncomesN/AN/A 
Capital ProcurementsTBDTBD 
Other Draws 
Closing Cash Balance$147,000$240,000 
Overhead Expenses Per Year
Overall Payroll$120,000$200,000
Facilities, Rent and Fees$8,000$8,000
Other Utilities$3,000$3,000
Insurance coverage$12,000$12,000
Advertisement and Promotions$1,000$1,000
Purchase of equipment$20,000$20,000
Repairs & Maintenance$2,000$2,000
Property Taxes$3,000$3,000
Workplace Supplies$800$800
Mobile Phones$250$250
Internet connectivity$100$100
Emergencies/ suplimentaries$5,000$5,000
Licenses coverage charges$5,000$5,000
Total expenditure$180,150$260,150


In conclusion, the Spree Watches Company will incorporate social responsibility, which is the primary reason for any business’s existence in society. Corporate social responsibility will help the newly found business thrive well in the community by positively relating to workers and stakeholders, and customers who live in the surrounding. Nonetheless, consumers’ choice influences the organizational performance on the type of product to supply. Therefore, Spree Watches will incorporate the upward slope, which informs the business management of how the customers respond to the product regardless of the costs of production and price set for the product service.


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