Parenting an autism child | Literature homework help

Please take your time and read everything in detail.. we are using the same articles from assignment 2. I will attach again. Articles Are already attached, they will be the articles used. Also is attched assignment details. 

Parenting an Autism Child.
Writing a Literature Review
Following the outline/map, the activities from the Galvan text and class notes, compose a literature review containing a minimum of 10 references derived from primary sources. Prior to submission, you will be required to conduct a peer review, submit the paper to for a plagiarism check, and complete a self-editing checklist. The paper will be
approximately 5 page and reference on seperate page must adhere to appropriate format and APA style.

 1.     Actual Title of the Dissertation- Cover page and title (Parenting an Autism Child)
Statestament of the Problem- What is the national problem, Must be 2 paragraphs with reference
2.     Topic- A Sentence, no more then 1 paragraph
3.     . . Research Problem- Concern or issue, a problem, something that need a solution, 1 paragraph  
4.     Bbackground and Justification-History of the problem, why it need justification now, Evidence from practical experience, must be 2 paragraphs with references
5.    . Deficiencies in the Evidence-Pick two articles out of the ten and summarized the findings,  state the academic gap here then mention how I the writer will address this base on these          studies. Must be 2 paragraphs with references.
6.    Audience- Who will benefit from this dissertation and why?

7.    Purpose- this section must be 1 paragraph, The purpose of this dissertation is what will I do.         Example Purpose is to investigate………………. Using the academic gap also.