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Exam I (Chapters 1-3)


Part I.  Two Mini-Essays.  Write short essays (two-thirds of a page each) on two key terms below.  Tell why the person, place, or event, is important to the early history of America.  Explain how the item helps us understand events or concepts we are discussing in class.   Include at least one picture with each essay and tell how it helps us understand the history. 


Beringia                                                                         New Spain

Cahokia                                                                         Pocahontas

California peoples                                                      Chesapeake

Tainos                                                                                        Pueblo Revolt      

Tenochtitlan                                                                             Barbados/Carolina                                 


Part II.  Two Longer Essays.  Write essays of about one and one half pages each on two of the following questions.  Please include at least one picture with each essay.   Please make sure the information you cover in Part II is different from what you cover in Part I.



1.    Native Cultures.  Examine the history of native cultures in three different parts of North America before the 1600s.  What common characteristics do you see among the various native cultures?  In what ways were native cultures different from each other?


2.    The Spanish.  Explain the causes and consequences of Spanish involvement in the Americas from the 1400s to the 1600s.  What do you see as the long range impact of these developments? 


3.    The Atlantic World.  Explain how you see various parts of the world coming together in Chapters 1-3.  What was driving global trade in the era from about 1400-1700?  How did the rise of global trade affect people in Africa, Europe, and the Americas?


4.Southern Colonies.  Examine at least two of the English colonies featured in Chapter 3.   What patterns do you see in English colonization that would affect our history?   What do you find notable about the societies and economies developing in the 1600s?


Keys for Success:

1.     Explain your points simply, like you would to another student.

2.     Write in short paragraphs.

3.     Use specific examples from our readings and class discussion.

4.     Relate your answers to major concepts and trends we have covered.

5.     Tell how the pictures reinforce key points you are making in your essays.