Fin 370 week 5 tutorial_last updated on march 3, 2015

Each learning shall complete an analysis of two publicly traded companies. The companies should be in the same industry. Prepare a minimum 1500 word paper assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the firms, as evidenced by ratios.Three years of financial statements and three years of ratios should be included at the end of the paper. You should calculate all of the ratios found in the text as part of your analysis.

Each team shall make an power point presentation of their results. This power point presentation should include a minimum of 15 slides. The slides shall include bar graphs for each of the ratios used in your analysis.

Teams are encouraged to identify companies for their project and obtain annual reports and other information as soon as possible to provide ample time to prepare papers and presentations.

Assume you are writing for a supervisor or colleague in your business or profession. Use of “headings” such as Introduction, Background, Conclusion, Recommendation, etc., to introduce different sections of your papers is required.


Please carefully study and follow the team paper rubric when completing this assignment.

Please post your assignments to the team assignments section by midnight the last day of the week assigned.


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